How do we measure how Merit is doing?

The answer is obvious: community feedback and the success of the project!

While the success of the project is still TBD and community feedback has been positive, we can look at concrete metrics around HOW MUCH work has actually been done!

We’ve prepared some interesting information to showcase exactly what’s been going on in the code.

For measuring purposes - We`ve selected all platforms and help-applications which our community is using:

  • Merit Core
  • Merit CoreWallet
  • Merit LightWallet (WEB)
  • Merit LightWallet (Desktop)
  • Merit LightWallet (Mobile)
  • Merit Mining Pool
  • Merit Market
  • Merit Invite & Support application
  • Merit Dashboard

Although this doesn’t capture 100% of the development work done (there still remains additional repositories and sub-projects which support the listed projects), this represents the majority of it.

With August as a starting point, this work has been performed by 15 developers over the last year.

Merit Core & Merit CoreWallet

  • 2,350,375 changed lines
  • 1,449 commits
  • 277 closed Pool Requests

Meir Core

Merit LightWallet (WEB & Mobile)

  • 2,789,493 changed lines
  • 4,578 commits
  • 700 closed Pool Requests

Merit LightWallet

Merit LightWallet (Desktop)

  • 1,967 changed lines
  • 147 commits
  • 12 closed Pool Requests

Merit LightWallet

Merit Mining Pool

  • 190,240 changed lines
  • 57 commits

Merit Mining Pool

Merit Market (BackEnd & UI)

  • 435,730 changed lines
  • 1,823 commits
  • 330 closed Pool Requests

Merit Market Merit Market

Merit Site (

  • 423,530 changed lines
  • 2,296 commits
  • 220 closed Pool Requests

Merit Site

Merit Invite & Support application

  • 12,733 changed lines
  • 217 commits
  • 11 closed Pool Requests

Merit Invite & Support application Merit Invite & Support application

Merit Dashboard (API + UI)

  • 282,691 changed lines
  • 308 commits
  • 19 closed Pool Requests

Merit Dashboard Merit Dashboard

In summation, the current stats add up to…

  • 6,486,759 changed lines
  • 10,875 pushed commits
  • 1,569 closed Pool Requests

6,486,759 lines This is an approximation, but to help quantify just how much code we’ve written we can say that the average page in a book has 40 lines, which means we’ve written 162,169 pages of code! 6,486,759 / 40 = 162,169 (pages).

We hope this gives members of the Merit community and those looking to learn more about Merit a better appreciation of the amount of work put into this project!



  • Vladimir Gutorov
  • Jason Givens
  • Jessica Walters

Thank You for reading! Sharing is appreciated.


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