Merit v0.4.4 Released!

Merit Desktop Version 0.4.4 Released!

We are very proud to announce the release of Merit v0.4.4. It contains a number of really great enhancements to the desktop wallet. We’ve been listening to feedback from early members of the community and working to make the experience more frictionless and fast.


The new Merit FastSync features empowers users to get up and running with Merit quickly, withous sacrificing the ability to run a full node on the decentralized network.

Merit v0.4.4

FastSync works by getting a snapshot of blockchain data from the Merit Foundation servers, and then connecting to peers on the network to get the most recent blocks. Snapshots are taken of the blockchain by multiple nodes on the network each day. They are verified and then stored on our secure servers for users to download.

The FastSync process still looks to peers on the network to gain consensus and ensure that this version of the chain is valid, accurate, and agreed to be the best chain by the network.

Ignoring Invitation Requests

The Merit v0.4.4 release also empowers users to ignore invitation requests. You can see how this looks below: Ignore Invitation Requests

Additional Enhancements

This release also comes with a variety of bugfixes and smaller enhancements. The most significant of which is the ability to synchronize desktop wallets and mobile wallets together. Now, your Desktop Wallet can generate a 12-word mnemonic that is compatible with the Merit Mobile and Merit Web wallets, so you can access your wallet on any device you want to!

More to Come

We are proud of the v0.4.4 release, and are just as excited about some of the exciting features that will be built atop it. Stay tuned!

The Merit Core Team Grows by 50%!


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